Our Save Energy Package will save you even more money

For no extra charge, we’ll help you procure a competitive energy deal and help you access *FREE LED Lighting or a grant towards funding your energy efficiency project. We’ll also extend our on-site warranty to match the term of the new contract

The Save Energy Package is included in all of our services.

The benefits

  1. You’ll pay less for your energy and get *FREE LED Lighting Upgrade or receive or a grant funding towards your energy efficiency project
  2. The competitive rates are fixed for the term
  3. There are no broker fees / commission
  4. We’ll extend our on-site warranty to match the term of the new contract

Why we do it

We’re passionate about helping organisations become more energy efficient. Not only is it great for the environment, it’s also a great strategy for reducing long-term costs. Our service looks at the bigger picture: Are you paying too much for your energy? Could you get a better deal? What funding is available to pay for the energy efficiency project?

How it works


Step One:

When you choose us to install LED lighting and/or Solar PV, we’ll review your current energy contract. We’ll then shop around for the most competitive quotes.


Step Two:

We’ll present you with the best options (up to three). You can then select the contract that offers you the Best Deal!


Step Three:

When you sign up to the new contract, you’ll receive a grant from the Save Energy Fund. This can be put towards either the cost of your energy efficiency project or *FREE LED Lighting upgrade.

We’ll also extend our on-site warranty to match the term of the new energy contract.

For example: if you sign-up to a three year energy contract, we’ll extend the on-site warranty to three years, no extra cost.


How much can I expect to save? How much grant will I get?

It all depends on how much energy you’re currently using and what you’re currently paying.

General rule of thumb: The more energy you consume, the more savings and grant you’ll get.

*FREE LED Lighting, How does that work?

The number of free led lighting will depend on your grant value. We can install a number of suitable led lights at your premises with the grant value.

How to access the Save Energy Package

If you’re looking to install LED lighting and/or Solar PV as part of an energy efficiency project, simply get in touch and we’ll arrange a site survey at no cost to you. If you choose us as your contractor, the Save Energy Package will be included in the service at no extra cost.

If you would like more information schedule a callback and we’ll be in touch to discuss your options and answer your questions.

Alternatively, give us a call on 0333 3398287

 LED lighting installation

We help businesses and organisations upgrade their old fashioned lighting systems to modern LED technology. A turnkey service with a focus on quality sourcing and quality workmanship.

 Solar PV installation

We install high-quality commercial Solar PV systems that enable businesses and organisations of all kinds to reap the benefits of solar power.

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