LED Lighting for the Public Sector

Did you know you could get funding for your LED lighting upgrade project?

We understand that public sector organisations are dealing with the challenge of rising costs and shrinking budgets, which means every penny counts. Cutting costs on your energy bills frees up money to spend on front line services.

The good news is that LED lights can reduce your lighting energy bills by 50% to 80%. And LED lighting last much longer, which means additional savings on maintenance and replacement costs.

Cutting your energy usage also means you reduce carbon emissions and improve your energy efficiency rating. What’s not to like?

Government funding for LED lighting projects

There’s more good news. The government’s scheme, Salix Finance, provides funds for public sector bodies for energy saving projects like LED lighting upgrades.

Council buildings, local government facilities, schools, prisons and NHS Trusts can all benefit from funding. The money is repaid through the energy savings – like an interest free loan. This means there is no up front cost.

Please visit the Salix website to find out more about how the funding scheme works.

It gets better – we can help you apply for Salix funding. We have a very high success rate in securing funding and delivering local authority approved lighting systems. When we carry out a site survey (which we do for free, with no obligation to proceed) we will let you know whether your project is likely to qualify.

Stress free project management

Public sector organisations sometimes tell us they don’t have the resources to manage a lighting project. With Save Energy 2 Day, that’s not an issue, as we manage the project for you.

Our experienced staff will work with you from start to finish. Through the free site survey, we determine the most cost effective solution for your buildings. If you decide to go ahead, we source the fixtures and fittings, making sure they meet our high standards for quality, and we project manage the installation through to completion.

We stay in regular communication to update you on progress and we work around your schedule, including evenings and weekends, to keep disruption to an absolute minimum. All our install teams are DBS checked and all our turnkey projects come with a 5-year product warranty.

What do you have to lose? Funded LED Lighting projects are risk-free and an immediate way to make savings. The sooner you start, the sooner you’ll start saving money!

Contact us for a free, no obligation survey to see how much you can save

0333 088 1008 or hello@saveenergy2day.com

More about Funding….

Salix funding is a government initiative to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions within the public sector. It provides an interest-free loan, with no capital upfront. The repayments on the loan are made from the savings on your energy bills (the amount is generally lower than the savings). Once the loan is repaid, you will be able to enjoy the energy savings in their entirety.

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