It’s a light bulb moment

by | Jan 30, 2020

This is how we describe the moment when we know our clients have realised that upgrading their lighting can actually be a great investment. For many businesses upgrading any equipment can have a cost barrier and we appreciate that lighting might be low on the priority list but that shouldn’t be the case.

Invest to save

Did you know that energy-efficient lighting can offer savings typically between 60-80% on energy costs? By upgrading your lighting to LED, it has a great return on investment which in most cases it is only a few years depending on what lighting you currently have. This means that you will be reaping the savings on your energy bills.

If you are concerned about not having the funds available, then there is good news. There doesn’t have to be an upfront cost as we can help you access funding which will keep your cash flow intact depending on your savings and due to the short ROI, it really stacks up financially too.

But the savings don’t end there as the new bulbs will last much longer (up to 50,000 hours which is the equivalent of being used 12 hours a day for 16 years) so you can also benefit from reduced maintenance costs. We uniquely offer a 5-year warranty and 1-year on-site support, so you don’t need to worry about additional costs for maintenance or replacement for some time.

Increase productivity

If the figures don’t give you enough of an incentive then how about the improved lighting increasing your productivity?

The right lighting can directly impact employee’s mood and productivity. Not only will it enable employees to see better to perform their job, we can select the right lighting colours to enhance specific areas in your business to aid concentration and wellbeing.

Fit for purpose

Investing in lighting that is fit for the environment and purpose is essential in any lighting upgrade as it will provide a much better use of light. When we create a lighting specification, we tailor the lighting in every area so that the lighting functions at its optimum.

For example, we can help create spaces with equal lighting regardless of the position of the window in the space which will offer the right visibility levels and comfort for employees.


We are confident that you will benefit from upgrading your lighting to LED from both the results and savings, this is why we offer a no-obligation, at no cost to you site survey. We will work with you to understand your lighting needs and budget so that we can create a tailored and personalised solution that will yield optimum energy savings.

We are very experienced installing lighting in a wide variety of environments, and we will work around your business to minimise any disruptions to your day-to-day business.

We only use products that we have tried and tested ourselves that are of high quality and the products that are fit for its purpose. We work closely with the manufacturers to get you the most competitive costs, and we also include a five-year warranty on all products.

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