How lighting can increase workplace productivity

by | Mar 20, 2019

When considering staff productivity in the workplace, having the right lighting in place is key to employee happiness and productivity. Rather than see lighting as an after-thought in the process of productivity, it can ensure your workforce are working smarter. The right lighting will mean that your staff can see what they are doing and be better supported to perform their jobs.

Natural Light

It is not always possible to have offices and schools bathed in natural light, as much as we would want to. Even when there are sufficient windows, the weather does not always know whether or not we are working and need more light. Our workplace lighting should support our ability to do a great job regardless of how much good quality natural light we have coming into the space.

We measure light in Kelvin (K), which is a number attributed to the colour of the light. So, a warm low-colour temperature light that emits a yellow or red tone will be up to 3,000K. Think of this as the level of light emitted from a fire. If you want to create a homely and relaxed atmosphere then you would want this colour of light. For a pub or restaurant, this is great but you would not expect the bustle of the kitchen to be working to the same lighting.

From around 4,000K and upwards, you are going to get a cool-white light and this is ideal for use in offices, schools, and warehouses. It replicates daylight in the best way possible. There may be some areas where a cooler colour of temperature is needed as well as higher lux level, such as Design Technology areas within schools, and in these spaces, the Kelvins can be increased above 4,000K.

Lighter Mood

Being able to see your work at the right level of light is not the only benefit for workers. Research shows that the brightness of the light can have a positive impact on our mental health and wellbeing. Natural light or exposure to whiter levels of light can improve energy, alertness and reduce depression. In the same way that the colour of the light is measured by Kelvins, brightness is measured in lux.

Likewise, the blue-white light lowers our melatonin levels. While we are warned against exposure to this blue-white light just before bedtime, for the same reasons, it is good to have this light within the office space as it keeps us alert.

Additionally, replacing old office lighting can do wonders for staff health in the workplace. Think of the traditional strip lighting that is known to flicker and cause headaches or migraines for those working nearby. The blown bulb that hasn’t yet been replaced casting shadows over staff. Quality LED lighting can last up to 15 years and available flicker-free.

Lighting for purpose

You may not want all parts of your workspace to have the same lighting levels. Break out areas and meeting rooms may need a different light to the main desk area. Bathrooms and rest spaces, such as your kitchen areas, are not in use at all times and therefore do not need to be lit at all times. Motion detectors can be used in these areas to save energy and money without relying on people to switch off the light.

Here at Save Energy 2 Day, we only select the best quality LED lights that are tailored for the purpose of your business. Our surveys take a holistic approach to how you need to use your space and recommendations are based on this information. We know that our LED lights can change the whole atmosphere of a workplace and can reduce your CO2 emissions.

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