Funding Options

Sometimes organisations can be put off by the initial installation cost of LED. The good news is that there is help available.

Schools and other public sector bodies can access government funding to cover installation costs. The government-funded Salix programme helps public sector bodies lower their energy bills by providing interest-free funding to undertake energy saving projects. That means there is no upfront cost to your organisation.

SaveEnergy2Day has worked with many schools and public sector bodies to access Salix funding. We understand the funding model and will help you submit a bid that meets the funding criteria. Read more about how the funding works.

For the commercial sector, LED lighting projects qualify for the Enhanced Capital Allowance (ECA) scheme. The ECA scheme lets you claim tax relief on investments in energy saving products, including LED lighting. This means you can write off (ie deduct) the cost of switching to LED lighting against your taxable profits in the year of purchase.

In addition to the energy savings you will make, claiming ECA tax relief improves your cash flow for the year that you invest in the new equipment.

We can also help commercial organisations access funding to cover the upfront investment in LED projects.

Your free onsite survey will give you detailed breakdown of the initial savings and the return on investment.

Would you like to know if your organisation is eligible for funding for LED lighting?

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More about funding….

Salix funding is a government initiative to improve energy efficiency and reduce carbon emissions within the public sector. It provides an interest-free loan, with no capital upfront. The repayments on the loan are made from the savings on your energy bills (the amount is generally lower than the savings). Once the loan is repaid, you will be able to enjoy the energy savings in their entirety.

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