Free Survey and No Obligation Quote

If you’re interested to know how much you could save with LED lighting, the first step is to arrange a free onsite lighting survey. We will visit your premises to conduct the site survey at no cost, with no obligation to take the process further if you decide not to.

We have been asked how we can do this for free and with no obligation – there must be a catch. In our experience, when organisations see the savings and meet our knowledgeable and experienced team, they almost always decide to go ahead. If they decide not to, for whatever reason, we respect that decision.

During the site survey, our expert surveyors will assess what you currently have, which LED lights and fittings would be the best solution, and what the energy savings would be.

Afterwards, you will have a no-obligation quote that covers installation of a suitable LED lighting system. The quote also outlines the estimated savings, tailored to your organisation, as well as your return on investment.

Our teams are DBS checked and can carry out the survey on their own using a site plan if required. There is no need for a member of your staff to accompany the surveyor unless you choose to.

The onsite survey can take as little as an hour or up to a full a day, depending on the size of your premises and the number of buildings. We have worked on projects ranging from a one-storey office building, to sites with several premises including Victorian buildings and 1960s blocks.

Would you like to know how much you could potentially save with LED lighting?

Contact us for a free, no obligation survey to see how much you can save

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