The Bemrose School

LED lighting replacement projects aren’t just about saving money. Organisations often are looking to improve the physical environment too, inside and out.

This was the case at The Bemrose School in Derby, where much of the lighting was “old and energy hungry”.

Site Manager Malcolm Strange explains: “We were looking for more efficient and energy-saving LEDs to improve the lighting in the school itself, and on the walkways and external areas around the building.”

The issue was both the brightness level and the colour of the light given out, or ‘colour temperature’.

As Malcolm explains, “Our external lighting was of a type which needed to ‘warm up’ for a period before reaching its full brightness and it gave out an amber light, casting shadows and leaving dark unwelcoming areas.

“Internal lighting also felt gloomy and dull, particularly in rooms which received less direct sunlight.”

A governor had heard of Save Energy 2 Day and suggested the school get in touch about replacing the outdated lighting with LEDs.

Onsite survey

Once Malcolm got in contact with us, we carried out an onsite survey to assess the best lighting options and the potential savings on energy costs.

We worked with the school to ensure lamps and fittings were the right brightness and colour for each setting. We also sourced high quality, flicker free lights to reduce the risk of eye strain and headaches. (Find out more about the benefits of flicker free lights).

To cover the upfront installation cost, we helped the school successfully apply for Salix Finance. We then carried out the work during the half term break.

Said Malcolm, “The teams which worked at the school were cooperative, conscientious and polite. They all worked hard and achieved a massive amount in a relatively short time available during the school holiday period.”

“The work they have done appears to be of a high standard. Each area of the school they worked in was left clean and tidy when they moved onto the next.”

Improved physical environment

Not only has Bemrose reduced its energy use, the physical environment is much improved, inside and out.

“The external environment is now brighter, more welcoming and friendly,” said Malcolm. “We have received positive comments and thanks from those who use the school during the evenings, as the paths and walkways are well lit.

“The light levels in the classrooms are far better. The light is a cleaner, brighter light but isn’t glaring or harsh. Everyone notices the change without necessarily realising how it has come about.”