About Us

“We believe now is the right time to modernise lighting and become more self-sufficient in terms of energy.”

Our Purpose

We really care about reducing carbon emissions and helping the environment. Since we all depend on the biosphere, we believe that going green is in everybody’s interest.

We also believe that energy efficiency is vital for the economy. It helps organisations reduce their costs and free up funds for growth and innovation, both of which create jobs and solve problems.

We believe in LED Lighting and Solar PV

Technology has advanced rapidly in recent years. The new LED lighting systems are extremely efficient, durable and safe. They use up to 75% less energy than traditional lighting solutions. They also produce better light, which in turn creates better working environments. As a result, traditional lighting is becoming obsolete.

We envision a future where all lighting systems across all sectors are powered by LED. Not only will it significantly reduce carbon emissions, it will also save society an incredible amount of money.

It’s the same with Solar PV. The modern systems are extremely reliable and long-lasting. They can generate enough energy to really make a difference to your outgoings and your long-term energy security.

We believe now is the right time to modernise lighting and become more self-sufficient in terms of energy.

Honesty, Ethics, Quality

Honest, ethical trading is important to us. We don’t like to see people being misled by bad practise. The wrong approach can be very costly and wasteful, which defeats the purpose. So we’re always open and upfront with our clients.

Not all LED lighting and Solar PV products are born equal. Some are really expensive but poorly manufactured – in some cases you’re just paying for a brand name. By the same token, opting for the cheapest product isn’t the best approach either as it can be a false economy.

As experts in this field, we’ve made it our mission to research the market and identify which products should be avoided and which ones offer the best return on investment. We carefully select the highest quality and most relevant products for the best price. This ensures you don’t pay more than you have to for your efficiency project.

We also look for other ways to save you money

When making energy upgrades, it makes sense to look at the whole picture. What are you currently spending on energy? Could you get a better fixed-term deal?

As part of the installation service, we’ll review your current energy contract and then find you a better deal potentially saving you thousands in the long-run.

In addition to this, you’ll also gain access to the Save Energy Fund, a green initiative that provides grants for energy efficiency projects.

(See our Save Energy Package for more information.)

We’re keen to help the education sector

Children are the future, so education is a really important part of society. In the current era of austerity and budget cuts, it’s even more important that the education sector finds ways to reduce expenditure.

Energy efficiency upgrades, such as LED lighting, are a great way to achieve this. We’ve helped many schools switch to LED, guiding them through the process and taking care of the Salix application on their behalf. (Read our case studies for more information.)

What we do

We provide LED lighting and Solar PV installation services for UK businesses and organisations. Get in touch.

 LED lighting installation

We help businesses and organisations upgrade their old fashioned lighting systems to modern LED technology. A turnkey service with a focus on quality sourcing and quality workmanship.

 Solar PV installation

We install high-quality commercial Solar PV systems that enable businesses and organisations of all kinds to reap the benefits of solar power.