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Cut your lighting bills by 60 - 80%

Specialists in upgrading your light fixtures and fittings to LED lighting, to reduce your electricity costs

Our goal is simple – to help you save money through upgrading your lighting fixtures and fittings to LED lighting. In the process you reduce electricity consumption and help the environment. How good is that?

Our team of experts work with you from start to finish. We will review your current lighting and recommend the best solution, help you access funding where possible, and project manage the installation.

High quality, properly installed LED lights last longer and save you more. All our products are guaranteed for five years and the installation is done by experienced technicians. It’s easy to get started.


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What our customers say

“The attention we received was first rate. I would have no hesitation in recommending them to anyone.”

St Thomas More Catholic School

“We had a very tight timescale for all the replacement lighting to be done, and it was achieved ahead of schedule.”

John Clifford School

“I am looking forward to seeing the savings start to appear on our bills.”

Ellis Guilford School

How Save Energy 2 Day can help


We are happy to carry out a no obligation lighting survey at no cost to you. We take the time to discuss your requirements, review your current system and propose the best LED light solution for your premises.



Funding options are available for both public sector and commercial buildings. Whether a school, NHS facility, warehouse, car park or office block, we can support you with LED light funding options.


We understand that minimal disruption is important, so we will work around you when it comes to installing your LED light system. Before we begin, will arrange a schedule that works for you and your organisation.


Switching to LED lighting can provide up to 80% savings on your lighting costs. Once installed, you benefit from the savings straight away. And because we use high quality LED lights, they last even longer.



Today’s Earth Hour is close to our hearts as we understand the importance of energy efficiency and the need to protect our environment. Turning off our lights for an hour is a great way to get everyone thinking. #EarthHour2020 #EarthHour

Earth Hour is taking place this Saturday at 8.30pm. This is worldwide campaign to get everyone in engaged in thinking about the environment by turning their lights off for one hour. #EarthHour2020 #EarthHour

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The Benefits of Switching to LED Lighting

  • Saving of up to 80% on your electricity costs
  • Reduction on your maintenance costs
  • Better lighting quality
  • Reduction in your carbon emissions
  • Funding available with no upfront costs
  • Qualify for enhanced capital allowances